Roku Channel Is The Latest Streamer To Remove Original Programs, Including Reno 911 Revival


Quibi, along with New Coke, the Virtual Boy, and the Edsel, is now considered one of the greatest business blunders of all time. This doesn’t mean, however, that it wasn’t a fascinating media experiment and that their films and TV shows were bad. Indeed, their resurrection on the Roku Channel would allow curious viewers who never subscribed to Quibi a chance to see what the defunct phones-only service had to offer. Notably, Quibi revived the cult Comedy Central series “Reno 911!” The show’s seventh season was its Quibi season. 

To be removed from the Roku Channel, via Variety: 

  • “Reno 911!” 
  • “The Fugitive” with Kiefer Sutherland.
  • “The Most Dangerous Game” 
  • “Survive” with Sophie Turner
  • The creep-fest “The Stranger” 
  • The revived dating show “Singled Out” 
  • “The Andy Cohen Diaries” 
  • The reality show “Elba vs. Block” 
  • The Tye Sheridan thriller “Wireless,” one of the best films of 2020 (No, I’m not kidding). 
  • “Dishmantled”
  • “Murder House Flip,” a series as weird and creepy as it sounds.
  • “Eye Candy”
  • “Squeaky Clean”
  • “Big Rad Wolf,” a documentary about American Apparel.
  • “Fierce Queens”
  • “Gayme Show”
  • “Memory Hole”
  • “Iron Sharpens Iron” 
  • “Nice One!” 
  • “Eye Candy”
  • “Cup of Joe” 
  • “Murder Unboxed”
  • “Gone Mental With Lior” 
  • “Benedict Men”
  • “The Sauce”
  • “Run This City” 
  • “Let’s Roll with Tony Greenhand” 
  • “Barkitecture” 
  • “You Ain’t Got These,” a reality series about sneaker culture.
  • “About Face” 

Roku Originals that were not on Quibi, but that will still be removed from the service include “The Newsreader,” “Panhandle,” “Slip,” “Moving the Needle With Dr. Woo,” and “Surprise, We’re Pregnant.” A separate Variety report found that the Roku Originals weren’t drawing new viewers to the channel. The deletion came after the service laid off 10 percent of its staff. It will cost Roku $55 to $65 million to delete these shows. 

Farewell, Quibi/Roku Originals. We hardly knew ye.

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