No Way Home Final Battle Is Awesome And Worth It For The Minifigures Alone


Perhaps one of the weirdest decisions in the MCU is the renovation of the Statue of Liberty to restore it to its original copper color and replace the trademark torch with Captain America’s shield. But that’s what happened, so the version of the Statue of Liberty in this playset is colored copper. 

The LEGO build begins with a black base that the head will sit on, which makes it feel a little less like a playset and more like a display piece for MCU fans. As you continue the build, you’ll complete the details of Lady Liberty’s face and begin the base of the construction scaffoldings that will surround the head, recreating the climax of “Spider-Man: No Way Home.”

One of my favorite things about building a LEGO set like this is seeing how the pieces come together to create the more difficult details. What pieces make up Lady Liberty’s lips, nose and eyes? For me, the eyes were the most amusing surprise, especially when you see that it’s basically a different colored hot dog LEGO piece that forms her eyelid. 

Initially I was disappointed that the “Spider-Man: No Way Home” LEGO set didn’t seem to include Sandman and Lizard minifigures, especially since the other villains are present and accounted for. The good news is that Sandman is included in the set in a really clever way, and those beige pieces in the foundation above provide a little bit of a hint as to how. The bad news is that Lizard has been left out in the wind. 

As you can see, inside the Statue of Liberty’s head, there’s a beige hand that you piece together. It’s meant to represent a piece of Sandman’s larger form reaching up through the statue. What’s great is that you can actually move the hand to situate it in other places around the statue, and there are small pieces of the same color built into little areas of the playset’s foundation that make it appear as if there’s sand flowing throughout the statue. It’s a pretty clever touch that makes up for the lack of a proper minifigure. Speaking of minifigures…

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