New VHS 85 Trailer Delivers An Anthology Of Nightmarishly Nostalgic 1980s Scares


This latest trailer gives us a much more thorough look at the five shorts that will make up the new anthology film when compared to the brief teaser that debuted last month. While we still don’t get a full grip on each of the shorts, we see that the wraparound device being used this time is a goth kid being interrogated by the police. Beyond that, we’ve got lots of bloody chaos across a variety of settings. We even have a guy with a mullet who is excited about a Betamax videotape. If that doesn’t scream the ’80s, I don’t know what does. The synopsis for the film reads as follows:

An ominous mixtape blends never before seen snuff footage with nightmarish newscasts and disturbing home video to create a surreal, analog mashup of the forgotten ’80s.

The franchise took a break for a good while following “V/H/S: Viral,” but it has since returned with a vengeance due to the success of 2021’s “V/H/S/94.” This new film is the sixth overall, and it contains a really impressive group of directors, consisting of seasoned vets as well as up-and-coming voices in the genre. The lineup of filmmakers for this latest installment includes Scott Derrickson (“Sinister,” “The Black Phone”), David Bruckner (“Hellraiser,” “The Night House”), Gigi Saul Guerrero (“Bingo Hell,” “Culture Shock”), Natasha Kermani (“Lucky”), and Mike Nelson (“Wrong Turn”). That list of names, coupled with the concept of finally bringing this franchise to the ’80s, feels like a winning combination. We’ll know soon enough if it delivers on the promise. 

“V/H/S/85” begins streaming on Shudder on October 6, 2023.

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