Kaitlyn Dever Battles Aliens In This Lean, Highly Effective Thriller


The aliens come calling almost immediately, and from there, “No One Will Save You” unfolds in non-stop fashion. You might think this is going to be all set in one night, in one location, similar to “The Twilight Zone” episode “The Invaders,” which was clearly a big influence on the film. But “No One Will Save You” has more than a few tricks up its sleeve. I won’t reveal them, because I’m not a total jerk, and because part of the fun relies on the surprises in store. 

As for the invaders, they’re effectively creepy and weird. Duffield and company make the smart decision to have the aliens come in all shapes in sizes — while they resemble the standard “gray” alien that has become so prominent in pop culture, these creatures also have their little differences. Some are small, some are tall, and some have long, spider-like arms for extra creepiness. What do these aliens want? Well, it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that Brynn is in danger, and has to deal with the situation as best she can.

Dever wordlessly fights her way through the flick, bringing a palpable intensity to her performance and making us care about Brynn, which is no small feat since she has almost no dialogue. She’s a sympathetic character, and as “No One Will Save You” unfolds, we learn more about her, her past, and how she ended up on her own. But we have to earn that knowledge by watching her struggle her way through one harrowing situation to the next. 

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