Larry David Gave Rob McElhenney Some Valuable Advice For It’s Always Sunny


The creative freedom Kaitlin Olson was given on “Curb” was later mirrored in her experience on the “Sunny” set. “It’s the best of both worlds,” she went on. “It’s hilariously scripted, but we also play around when we’re shooting because the writers are the actors. So we can say whatever we want and if it doesn’t work, we go back to how it was scripted or you come up with something else.”

The “Champions” actor knew working under a comedic legend like Larry David was a major accomplishment. “I’m not the ballsiest person, so I was very proud of myself for getting it,” Olson told Buzzfeed News in 2015. The role in “Curb” also helped her land a part in “It’s Always Sunny.” “I knew her work from seeing her in ‘Curb,'” co-creator and star Glenn Howerton added. “We wanted to find somebody who could be as funny as the guys, and we felt a lot of times in comedies, girls are so often relegated to the, ‘Oh, you guys’ role.”

Olson’s involvement in “Sunny” is probably the reason David ended up seeing the show — and falling in love with it. “We had Larry come to a premiere,” Rob McElhenney said to Indiewire in 2016, “and I didn’t care what was happening. I was just listening for that very distinctive laugh behind me. We got like, two. Later on, I said something, and they go, ‘Larry laughed twice. That’s two more than he’ll laugh at anything else.'”

But it wasn’t just a couple laughs that McElhenney got from David. He also got a piece of invaluable advice about how to run his series — and how to end it.

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