The Best Documentaries Streaming This Month Dive Deep Into Showbiz (May 2024)


Streaming May 8 on Disney+.

People can never get enough of The Beatles, and for the first time in 50 years, the 1970 documentary film “Let It Be” will be available for audiences to watch, now in the comfort of their own homes. The documentary was originally released in May 1970 during the drama of the band’s breakup, and for many years director Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s deep look into the Beatles during a tumultuous time was treated with derision. However, with the success of Peter Jackson’s “Get Back,” there is the potential for “Let It Be” to be seen in an entirely new light, and by whole new generations of Beatles fans.

While there is a bit of crossover footage between “Let It Be” and “Get Back,” there is additional footage that gives audiences an even closer look at the studio recordings and even the band’s famous final performance on a London rooftop. The film was restored and remastered using the same technology as “Get Back” by Peter Jackson’s Park Road Post Production, giving even Beatles fans who saw “Let It Be” in 1970 something new to appreciate.

Stream this if you like “Get Back” or “Metallica: Some Kind of Monster.”

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