Buffy The Vampire Slayer Sequel Series Coming To Audible, Original Cast Members To Return


The return to the Buffyverse is pretty exciting, but what is the audio original about? According to the press release, it’s a Spike-centered story with a surprising Slayer:

“The upcoming scripted audio original picks up 10 years after the events of the final episode of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer.’ Since then, Spike has gone deep undercover in Los Angeles, convincing the forces of darkness that he’s back to his evil ways. When his cover is compromised by sixteen-year-old Indira Nunnally (Hayes), Spike finds himself on baby-slayer-sitting duty once more. While he attempts to track down a watcher for his eager new protégé, their paths collide with the veteran Slayer of a parallel reality where Buffy Summers never existed…a reality where Cordelia Chase is the one-and-only Slayer. She needs Spike’s help with a classic big bad terrorizing her world…his old flame, Drusilla.”

It sounds like there will be lots of demonic and vampiric madness, which should get Scoobies salivating, but what about Buffy? It sounds like Sarah Michelle Gellar, who played the titular Slayer, isn’t involved with the project. After all, Buffy got her happy ending and deserves to live a nice, boring life. Spike and the rest of the crew, however, can still have some wacky adventures while Buffy’s off growing heirloom tomatoes or learning to crochet. Besides, exploring a world where Cordelia is the Chosen One? That sounds fascinating. 

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