The Only Hunger Games Timeline Breakdown You Need


The years following the Treaty of Treason were a period of reconstruction for the Capitol; the Snow family, whose wealth came from Crassus Snow’s District 13-based munitions empire, faced a particularly brutal fall from grace in the wake of the rebellion and had been left in shambles when their patriarch died during the war.

Thus, while Tigris (Hunter Schafer) became the family’s breadwinner, the responsibility to rebuild the Snow dynasty was left to Coriolanus, who, when given the opportunity to work as a mentor, vowed to have his tribute win by any means necessary. It was eventually discovered that he had tampered with the snake mutts created by Gaul for the Games so that they wouldn’t attack Lucy Gray; as punishment, he was forced to enroll in Panem’s military police, the Peacekeepers.

Snow asked to be assigned to Lucy Gray’s District 12, where he gained Gaul’s favor by ratting out a rebellion to her using a recording bird mutt known as a jabberjay. He was eventually given an honorable discharge, taken under Gaul’s wing, and flown out to attend his new mentor’s class at the Capitol’s University. Under Gaul, he also became an apprentice gamemaker, and rose rapidly through the Games’ administrative ranks with his creativity and merciless cunning. Lucy Gray, whom Snow might or might not have killed during a dazed altercation while the two were attempting to flee north together, was never heard from again.

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