10 Best Comic Book Series Based on Popular Movie Franchises


A fascinating convergence of two creative universes takes center stage in the ever-evolving cinema and entertainment realm, where cinema and comics combine. Blurring the lines between cinema and literature, we will embark on a journey through the pages of graphic novels that breathe new life and perspective into beloved franchises.

Join us as we explore the ten best graphic book series inspired by popular movie franchises, where each panel is an invitation to revisit and reimagine the worlds we thought we knew so well. From interstellar worlds to dystopian deserts, these aren’t just adaptations — they’re portals to untold tales with unseen perspectives in uncharted territories.

10 Avatar

Diving into the lush jungles of Pandora, a comic book series based on James Cameron’s groundbreaking movie, Avatar, takes readers on an exhilarating ride beyond the big screen. Set after the events in the film, this series unveils untold stories of the Na’vi people and their struggles for survival after dealing with human intervention. The conflict arises between the indigenous inhabitants and the corporate-driven forces. The story introduces new characters and explores the rich ecosystem of Pandora. It’s a compelling extension of the Avatar universe that captures the heart of the movie while heading off into uncharted territory.

Unveiling Pandora’s Hidden Chronicles

The Avatar comic book series is great for seamlessly integrating the film’s overarching narrative. It doesn’t recycle the movie’s plot, but dives into unexplored corners of Pandora, expanding the lore in a meaningful way. It adds depth to familiar characters and sheds light on their motivations and experiences. This comic series is a bridge between the film and its highly anticipated sequels and doesn’t just ride the coattails of the film’s success; it stands as a testament to innovative storytelling.

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9 The Matrix

Within the labyrinth world of The Matrix, the comic series takes readers on yet another mind-bending journey that’s beyond the confines of the big screen. Comprising a collection of comics and short stories, this series bridges the gaps between films, unveiling untold tales and expanding mythology. These were originally released for free on the Matrix series’ website between 1999-2003. Some stories even give us the origins of the Matrix itself, exploring events that took place before the iconic trilogy.

Behind The Code

With stories that range from prequels to interquels, readers can gain a more profound insight into the dystopian reality depicted in the movies. With the Wachowskis’ involvement, they added an authentic touch, making sure that the story was cohesive and expanded on the philosophical concepts that defined The Matrix. The comics successfully keep the intellectual and philosophical nature. The Matrix film trilogy left a mark on pop culture, and the comics contributed to it. Its widespread appeal comes from its ability to cater to both die-hard Matrix enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

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8 Indiana Jones

In the wake of the iconic hat-wearing archaeologist’s big screen victories, Marvel Comics ventured into the world of Indiana Jones back in 1981 when they adapted and released Raiders Of The Lost Ark into a three-issue series. It’s not merely an adaptation of the movie in comic book form but expands on the mythology that surrounds the trilogy, introducing some new characters and content but still following the established narrative. On the heels of this successful endeavor, Indiana Jones earned a series that was released monthly titled, The Further Adventures Of Indiana Jones, which had 34 issues. The comic book series wove itself into the franchise’s timeline and explored the periods between films. The series features some familiar faces from the movies, such as Marcus Brody, Sallah, Marion Ravenwood, Short Round, and Katanga.

Treasures Beyond The Screen

A treasure trove for fans, The Further Adventures Of Indiana Jones enriches the film series and expands the narrative for fans. The innovative storytelling not only respects the source material but enhances it by exploring uncharted territories in the Indiana Jones mythology. With widespread appeal, it caters to both devoted fans of the films and newcomers eager for more adventures. Its cultural impact extends beyond the screen, solidifying Indiana Jones as a multidimensional cultural icon. The series explores deep themes of archeology, mythology, and the consequences of the pursuit of ancient artifacts, making it a thoughtful addition to the Indiana Jones universe.

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7 Ghostbusters

Having saved the world twice on the big screen, the Ghostbusters find themselves on a spectral odyssey within the realm of comics. Their journey began in 1988, when there was the adaptation of the animated series, The Real Ghostbusters, which was shared between Marvel Comics and NOW Comics. It set the stage for an exploration of The Ghostbusters’ universe through multiple publishers, each bringing their own unique touch to the franchise. The Quebec-based 88MPH Studios breathed life back into the story with a four-issue miniseries that transported the characters from the 1984 setting of the original movie to the year 2004. However, unlike its animated predecessor, Legion, embraced a more serious tone and was less cartoonish as it explored the challenges that the Ghostbusters faced when they were navigating the supernatural landscape of NYC.

Unleashing Ghostly Magic

The Ghostbusters comic series’ greatness lies in how it’s able to extend the paranormal escapades of our favorite group beyond the constraints of movies. Legion stands out as a perfect example, giving a more grounded and mature portrayal of the Ghostbusters in the future of 2004. Departed from the animated series’ tone gives a complexity that shows how versatile the franchise is. Picking up six months after the Gozer incident, we have new villains like Ian McIver and Ali Ben Ayoob that introduce new challenges for the team. We have our familiar characters center stage and with new explorations of their personalities, making it a compelling addition for fans.

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6 Interstellar

Absolute Zero takes readers on a chilling journey set between the dramatic events that follow Dr. Mann’s arrival on Mann and the subsequent arrival of the Endurance. While not part of a franchise, Interstellar has yet to be touched in numbers by another sci-fi film. The comic was penned by Christopher Nolan himself and was brought to life by Sean Gordon Murphy with illustrations, which is why it deserves a spot on the list. A short comic, it focuses on the awakening of Dr. Mann and his robot pal, KIPP, who navigate a desolate planet, and try to find signs of habitability. Mann grapples with the bitter truth about the conditions of the planet not being habitable. The significance of this addition lies in its capacity to enhance our understanding of Dr. Mann’s character, bringing depth to the complexities hinted at in the Interstellar film. The innovative storytelling skillfully bridges the gap between key events in the Interstellar timeline, offering a nuanced exploration of Mann’s mental state during this crucial period.

Interstellar’s Untold Chapter

The collaboration between Christopher Nolan and Sean Gordon Murphy brings a cinematic quality to the comic. The visuals capture the bleakness of the planetary landscape and dive into the subtleties of Mann’s expressions, conveying the emotional turmoil he experiences. This technical prowess elevates Absolute Zero beyond a mere tie-in comic, transforming it into a visual and emotional extension of the Interstellar narrative. It stands as a great example of how a short comic can expand the depth of a cinematic world.

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Rebirth is a compelling comic that’s rooted in the cinematic world of the franchise Saw and unravels the mysterious origins of the famous killer, Jigsaw. The story transports readers into the past, showing John as an unambitious and insecure man who leads a boring life working at a toy factory. His lack of drive sets his girlfriend, Jill, off, and she eventually leaves. Once he’s diagnosed with terminal cancer by oncologist Dr. Lawrence Gordon, John’s life takes a dark turn as he faces the reality of his imminent death. The comic explores John’s encounters with different individuals at the hospital who are each wrestling with their problems.

Exploring Jigsaw’s Origins

The comic masterfully pulls together a narrative that explores the depths of regret, despair, and the quest for redemption. John’s journey from a lethargic and apathetic person to the birth of Jigsaw is portrayed with emotional nuance, allowing readers an opportunity to empathize with his struggles and see the transformation. It uses a non-linear narrative to unveil critical moments in John’s life, which keeps readers engaged and offers a fresh perspective on the emotional intensity of John’s experiences.

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4 Star Wars

Since the debut of the iconic 1977 film, Star Wars comics have woven an expansive tapestry of stories, diving into the rich lore of the galaxy far, far away. Marvel Comics started the journey back in 1977 and produced a series that kicked off with a six-issue adaptation of the original film and went on to release 107 issues. Over the years, various publishers have contributed to titles and explored eras ranging from the Old Republic to the rise of the Galactic Empire, giving fans immersive and diverse experiences within the universe.

Reading The Force

The greatness of Star Wars comics lies in their ability to extend the cinematic magic of the franchise into the boundless realm of comic storytelling. These stories lie in their capacity to enrich the Star Wars universe, providing depth to characters, introducing new narratives, and expanding upon the lore established in the films. Beyond the lightsabers and starships, Star Wars comics delve into deep themes that resonate with readers. The themes of heroism, sacrifice, and the eternal struggle between good and evil are explored in nuanced ways we didn’t get a chance to explore in the movies. The comics provide an opportunity to engage with the philosophical underpinnings of the Star Wars saga.

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3 Mad Max: Fury Road

Embarking on a graphic odyssey that delves deeper into the desolate world of Mad Max: Fury Road, the series unfolds as a companion to the films. As readers traverse the barren landscapes and encounter iconic characters such as Imperator Furiosa, Nux, and Immortan Joe, they’re treated to a unique exploration of the Wasteland. The comics weave threads of untold stories, backstories, and unexplored events that amplify the intensity of the film’s story. The comics breathe life into the film’s backdrop, providing a visual and narrative feast for enthusiasts eager to unravel the mysteries of this post-apocalyptic universe.

Revving Up the Narrative

The greatness of these lies in how they explore the characters, their backstories, and their motivations. While opinions on the series may vary, the mixed reception is a testament to its daring approach to spotlighting various characters. The meticulous storytelling, coupled with powerful visuals, offers an experience similar to the films. It’s a testament to the creative team’s commitment to enriching the lore, making it a captivating addition for avid fans and newcomers to the dystopian world of Mad Max.

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2 2001: A Space Odyssey

Diving into the cosmic realms of Stanley Kubrick’s iconic film, 2001: A Space Odyssey, the Marvel Comics adaptation and following monthly series, crafted by Jack Kirby, offer readers an expanded story beyond what we know. Kirby’s adaptation provides a unique narrative perspective, giving readers a glimpse into the characters’ thoughts and feelings, a departure from the film’s approach. As part of Jack Kirby’s return to Marvel, this adaptation, coupled with a thought-provoking article, 2001: A Space Legacy, serves as an enlightening companion to the film.

Elevating the Space Odyssey

The series not only pays homage to Kubrick’s cinematic masterpiece but also elevates the narrative with Kirby’s distinctive touch. The printed oversize format of the treasury edition enhances the reader’s visual experience, allowing readers to immerse themselves in the cosmic wonders of Space Odyssey. Kirby’s exploration of the film’s concepts in the monthly series adds layers to the narrative, offering a deeper understanding of the Monolith’s influence on human evolution. The introduction of Mister Machine expands the universe, blending advanced robotics with existential themes.

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1 John Wick

In the American neo-noir comic book limited series, John Wick, readers are thrust into the early life of the titular character, portrayed by Keanu Reeves in the film franchise. Set as a prequel to the neo-noir action thriller series, the narrative unfolds after John Wick’s release from prison, giving us a look into his initial quest for vengeance. This graphic exploration traces the emergence of a young John Wick as he confronts a mysterious and formidable community of assassins. As Wick navigates this treacherous world, he must decipher and master the enigmatic Book of Rules that controls their lethal trade.

Intriguing Layers of the Assassin’s World

John Wick transcends the typical tie-in comic, integrating the established film narrative while introducing new layers to the character’s history. This comic extends beyond its role as a prequel; it serves as a bridge between the films, enhancing the overall lore and mythology of the John Wick universe. The graphic novel story weaves a gripping tale that sticks to the neo-noir aesthetic, mirroring the tone that fans have come to love in the films. Deep themes of vengeance, justice, and the intricate rules governing the assassin community elevate the narrative beyond mere action sequences. The widespread appeal of the John Wick franchise finds continuity in this comic, offering both dedicated fans and newcomers a captivating exploration of his origin.

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