Why Andre Braugher Was Taken Aback By Maria Schrader’s Directing Style On She Said


“It’s part of her genius, but we never rehearsed,” he told THR in 2022. “We just started filming, and there was a broad outline, like, ‘You go here, and you go here, and you’re sitting here and there.'” Braugher said the change was “quite shocking coming from television, where you get rehearsal time and everything’s programmed [with] three cameras.” Braugher began acting on screen with a role in the film “Glory” in 1989, and it’s pretty remarkable that he was still discovering new approaches to his craft more than three decades into his career. While some actors may have bristled at the idea of digging into scenes without rehearsal, Braugher said he actually found it freeing.

“The most shocking part — which I thought was actually liberating in its own way, because it was new for me — [was that] we just started acting,” he said. “Mistakes will be made, but there’s a spontaneity I felt in the film that was quite refreshing. That was, for me, the most challenging part.” Braugher had a supporting role in a film that worked to spotlight the women who ushered the Weinstein story into the world — including the women who came forward to talk about the producer’s prolific, violent abuse. Yet the actor still grounded every scene he appeared in, and his performance betrays no hint of the movie’s unorthodox shooting style.

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