You’re Gonna Like These Funko POPs. They’re All Right. They’re GoodFellas


The theatrical poster for “GoodFellas” features Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro, and Joe Pesci, so it should come as no surprise that they’re all getting the Funko POP treatment. They’re also all decked out in one of their nicer outfits from the movie. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing one of Henry Hill in his bathrobe with some drugged-out eyes, or maybe one with Tommy De Vito after he’s just been whacked. But perhaps it’s best to remember these fellas when they were at the top of their game before everything went to hell.

However, if you’re a hardcore “GoodFellas”¬†fan, you probably already know that there’s another image out there (shown above), where the trio is joined by Paul Sorvino as Paulie Cicero, the film’s main crime boss that Jimmy, Henry, and Tommy answer to. There’s even a black-and-white poster out there using the same photo. Of course, in the end, Henry snitches on Paulie and Jimmy, sending them both to jail, so they were hardly the best of friends. The real friends were the GoodFellas they made along the way. Well, not really, I guess, because they all double-crossed each other. That’s life in the mafia, I guess.

Anyway, if you want to have the full quartet of mobsters, you can get the Paulie Cicero Funko POP figure exclusively from the Funko Shop online.

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