The Bad Batch Final Season Trailer


Ventress was first introduced in Tartakovsky’s “Clone Wars” as an assassin trained by Dooku to kill Anakin Skywalker. She would later make the jump to “The Clone Wars,” where she got a fantastic and layered character arc that saw her abandoned and betrayed by the Sith, forcing her to find her own way across the galaxy as she reckoned with her roots as a witch of Dathomir.

What makes her return strange, however, is that Ventress is supposed to be dead. In the current canon, she died during the events of the novel “Dark Disciple,” based on an unproduced story arc from “The Clone Wars.” How she survived, and what her role will be in “The Bad Batch,” remains to be seen.

“Star Wars: The Bad Batch” will debut the first three episodes of its final 15-episode season on Disney+ on February 21, 2024. The finale, titled The Cavalry Has Arrived,” is set to drop on May 1st.

Here’s the official synopsis for “The Bad Batch” season 3:

In the epic final season of “Star Wars: The Bad Batch,” the Batch will have their limits tested in the fight to reunite with Omega as she faces challenges of her own inside a remote Imperial science lab. With the group fractured and facing threats from all directions, they will have to seek out unexpected allies, embark on dangerous missions, and muster everything they have learned to free themselves from the Empire.

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