Ex Machina And Annihilation Director Returns To Sci-Fi With Civil War Trailer


Before he made his directing debut with “Ex Machina,” Garland was best known as the screenwriter behind Danny Boyle movies like “The Beach,” “28 Days Later,” and “Sunshine.” He has been open about the fact that he doesn’t actually like directing, telling The Telegraph that he’s a writer at heart: “I only wanted to direct in order to remove other directors from the equation. I essentially got where I am so I didn’t have to sit there any more thinking, ‘Oh f***, don’t do it like that.'” 

“Civil War” was shot in Atlanta in early 2022. Speaking to Screen Daily last summer, Garland said “‘Civil War’ will definitely be my last film as a director for at least a while. Definitely.” Describing it as “a contemporary war movie,” the filmmaker added:

“It was a staggeringly difficult film to shoot. I wrapped five weeks ago, and I’ve been in the edit for the last five weeks. We’re trying to get the film in a rough cut state where everything is broadly what one is intending. But, as well as that, there’s a lot of visual effects in the movie so we’re having to decide which shots were turning over as VFX shots. It’s a very technical, non-stop process at the moment. There’s a lot going on.

“Civil War” is set to release in spring 2024.

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