IHOP Has A Wonka Menu With Purple Pancakes, And We Tried Everything


Now, these are the “Wonka” menu items that are really going to draw your attention. Since this is the International House of Pancakes, you probably want to know about the new pancake offerings. 

The “Perfectly Purple” pancakes are certainly a highlight. Yes, the pancakes are purple, and so is the cream cheese icing that is somehow even more purple on top of them. In between the stack of hotcakes is a layer of cheesecake mousse. Because of that creamy layer and the icing, you’ll find that you don’t need any butter or syrup for these pancakes. They’re warm, soft, and the mousse makes for a gooey bite. You might want to split these with someone if you’re having eggs, bacon/sausage, and hash browns too, because they’re quite filling.

The Hoverchoc Pancake Tacos offer a similar sweet treat, but in a much less purple fashion (and sadly, they won’t make you fly like the movie’s Hoverchocs). Instead, the three silver dollar chocolate pancakes offer a nice accompaniment to the cheesecake mousse, especially when combined with the fresh strawberries and chocolate chips placed on top of the creamy mixture. Again, you’ll be pleased that you don’t need any syrup, because these breakfast tacos are sweet enough already.

If there’s one part of the “Wonka” IHOP menu that’s disappointing, it’s the Daydream Berry Biscuit. There’s enough cheesecake mousse, mixed berry topping, and purple cream cheese icing to keep the biscuit from being too dry. However, the berry topping flavor cuts through the cheesecake and cream cheese flavors in a displeasing way. I don’t know if it’s the berry mix or just how these berries mesh with the cream cheese mousse, but the combined flavors just didn’t tickle my tastebuds in the same way as the pancakes. They can’t all be Golden Ticket winners, I suppose.

So there you have it, a little nutritional nonsense now and then, relished by the wisest men. I tried the “Wonka” menu at IHOP and lived to tell the tale. Granted, I split these items with my family, because otherwise I would have been as stuffed as a blueberry, just like Violet Beauregarde. Even so, just a sampling of these items was enough to fill me up. 

The “Wonka” menu is available at IHOP through January 7, 2024.

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