Terrifier 2’s Grisly Death Scenes Involved Some Very Unlikely (And Very Gross) Ingredients [Exclusive]


In an interview with /Film’s Jacob Hall, Leone went into excruciating detail about everything that went into some of the most elaborate kills in “Terrifier 2.” Continuing where the first “Terrifier” left off, Art the Clown is found lying on an autopsy table where an incredibly unlucky coroner is about to meet his end. Leone and his team discovered that one ingredient, in particular, could make the coroner’s demise look even more disturbing on screen. 

“What we use a lot is just fat. We know a butcher who would give us sausage casing and then we’d fill them all with just fat to make intestines or whatnot. We use that a lot. Or if we ever just got to dig into a body, we just sort of see all that mush.”

When it came time to shoot the effects sequence, the fat would make the blood appear chunkier when they pumped it through the large tubes, adding another viscous layer to the overall look of the blood. “And you could see it a lot, especially in the scene where he’s killing the coroner,” Leone explained. “You just see this chunky blood, and the fat is just so soft that it actually could work its way through the tubes.”

In another kill later on in “Terrifier 2,” Leone was looking for a different look altogether and found a little inspiration from Romero’s zombie mall classic. 

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