Lower Decks Could Be On The Chopping Block, Creator Warns


It’s worth noting that “Discovery” may have been canceled, but its fifth season still has yet to air, and that the second season of “Prodigy” has also been completed. Additionally, “Lower Decks” has been greenlit for a fifth season, set to go into production when its fourth, currently airing on Paramount+, ends. There is also an upcoming “Star Trek” TV movie on the docket called “Section 31” starring Michelle Yeoh. So Trekkies are not in a desert yet; there are still several meals to have before they clear the buffet table. 

But McMahan knows that the table-clearing is coming, and understands that “Lower Decks” is not inherently safe, no matter how acclaimed or beloved it might be. He has looked around at the ever-changing streaming landscape, knows that “Prodigy” and “Discovery” are over, and will take nothing for granted. After all, the only constant in life is change. McMahan currently feels the same, saying: 

“Yeah, I mean, listen, we’re in weird times. Everything is changing. I think everything’s gonna continue to change. I would say nothing is safe. I don’t have any bad news for anybody, but also, I think you shouldn’t assume that this stuff is gonna stick around unless you vocally and watch it early on. I do not know if we’re going to have another season after the season we’re working on right now. ‘Lower Decks’ could very well be a five-season show.”

Not that five seasons is anything to sneeze at, but McMahan would likely prefer to do more. 

Given the current landscape, one can “support” their favorite show all they like — watching it multiple times, talking it up on social media — but the caprices of the studio will ultimately win out. Let’s enjoy it all while we can.  

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