Love Rises From The Grave In The New Delightfully Strange Lisa Frankenstein Trailer


The new trailer reveals more of the actual “Lisa Frankenstein” plot than we’ve seen before. While the initial teaser focused on Lisa and her undead lover’s star-crossed romance, the newer preview shows that the pair’s relationship is built on mutual improvement (he gives her a goth makeover, while she makes him look vaguely alive) and vigilante-ish justice. “I have an idea,” Lisa says before we see a scene of her and Sprouse’s character beating up a boy in the woods. “There are bad people out there,” she explains before her beau dispatches him with an axe. The editing here makes the context a bit unclear, but Lisa seems to be killing a guy who tried to coerce her into sex.

We also get a glimpse of Carla Gugino’s character, who says she opened up her home to Lisa and does not seem happy about her recent changes. “Your daughter is a little psycho,” she says at one point, and an edited scene shows her pulling a worm from her mouth and screaming. Later on, she seems to be trying to commit Lisa to mental health treatment, but she’s also wearing a maid costume and standing in a walk-in closet, so I’m sure all that will make sense later. For now, “Lisa Frankenstein” looks like a total delight for the “Wednesday” and “Heathers” crowds. 

Get your best goth gear ready: the movie hits theaters on February 9, 2024.

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