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  • Invincible’s latest episode shocked fans with the death of beloved character Allen the Alien, sparking a wave of emotions, theories, and debates among devoted followers. #InvincibleFriday
  • The decision to deviate from the character’s arc in the original comic series has fans questioning Allen’s fate and pondering the show’s commitment to original storytelling. Will there be a surprising return or has his narrative reached its conclusion?
  • Invincible continues to captivate viewers with its morally complex storylines and bold narrative turns. The deep connection between the show and its audience is evident, as fans eagerly anticipate the unfolding of this gripping tale. #ExcitedForFutureDevelopments

WARNING! This article contains Invincible Season 2, episode 3 SPOILERS!Invincible rocked social media with its second season, delivering a stunning plot twist through the death of a much-loved character. The third episode, This Missive, This Machination!, has drawn intense reactions and sparked debates among the show’s devoted followers.

Invincible, a series lauded for its raw and unflinching portrayal of superhero tropes, took a bold step in its latest season. Seth Rogen‘s debut as Allen the Alien in the first season has captivated a vast audience. Known for his affiliation with the Coalition of Planets, Allen’s character arc took a dramatic turn when he was viciously assaulted by Viltrumite warriors. The episode culminated in a heart-wrenching decision by Thaedus, the leader of the Coalition, to switch off Allen’s life support.

This storyline twist has sparked a wide array of reactions from the show’s fans. X saw a surge of fans expressing their dismay, shock, and theories. Some expressed a sense of betrayal, feeling that Allen’s character was not given the justice he deserved. Others pondered the creative choices behind this plot development, questioning whether it signified a permanent exit for Allen or a setup for a more complex narrative thread.

The fervor around Allen’s fate points to a deeper connection between the show and its viewers. It highlights how Invincible has managed to transcend the typical boundaries of animated superhero shows, creating a deeply engaging and emotionally resonant experience for its audience. This connection is further amplified by the show’s willingness to take risks and deviate from its comic book origins.

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The Evolution of Allen: Invincible’s Dilemma Between Comic Loyalty and Originality



Release Date
March 26, 2021

Steven Yeun, J.K. Simmons, Sandra Oh, Zazie Beetz, Grey Griffin, Walton Goggins, Gillian Jacobs, Zachary Quinto

Superhero, Animation, Action, Adventure


In the original comic series by Robert Kirkman, Allen’s character undergoes a similar ordeal but eventually emerges stronger. This raises the question of whether the animated series will follow this trajectory or carve a new path. Invincible has already established a precedent for diverging from its source material, keeping even the most seasoned fans on their toes.

As discussions and theories abound, the future of Allen’s character remains a subject of intense speculation. Is it possible that the show’s writers will orchestrate a surprising return, or has his narrative reached its conclusion? The decision to potentially diverge from the comics could signify a bold new direction for Invincible, demonstrating the show’s commitment to original storytelling.

Challenging superhero norms, the series stands out with its intricate characters and morally complex storylines. Invincible continues to mesmerize its viewers with bold narrative turns, while simultaneously igniting deep discussions on heroism, sacrifice, and the increasingly ambiguous distinction between right and wrong. The arc of Allen, be it finished or ongoing, showcases the storytelling excellence of the show and its power to deeply resonate with and intellectually stimulate its audience. The excitement for future developments in Invincible is tangible, with viewers eagerly looking forward to the unfolding of this gripping tale.

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