How Terrifier 2’s Success Sets The Stage For A Bigger (And Scarier) Part 3 [Exclusive]


When asked what sort of luxuries an expanded budget might afford “Terrifier 3,” Damien was relieved to say that having a crew would be indulgence number one. “Terrifier 2” was a film made with only a few people working when they could, and taking their time. With a large crew taking care of effects and technical details, more of Leone’s focus can be placed on actual directing. Leone said that his greatest extravagance is “to be determined, honestly.” He was quick to add that having a big crew is a double-edged sword, saying:

“Because even though you get more money, then you get to hire more people, but those people charge a lot of money. So then you wind up kind of being back in the same position as you were, ultimately, if that makes any sense. Because that was one of the reasons why we were able to do so much crazy stuff in ‘Terrifier 2,’ is because we did everything ourselves. The amount of special effects that basically me and [producer] Phil [Falcone] did. We did almost everything.”

Leone seems a mite ambivalent about having a big budget. He may have teams of artists working on the more labor-intensive parts of production, but he admits there will be less personal creative control. Having a team, however, would definitely streamline efforts, especially given that “Terrifier 2” took so long to make. Leone added: 

“There were some days we had other makeup artists helping us out, but that was a 75-day shoot. So maybe we had two weeks’ worth of other makeup artists or something helping us, and basically just helping us apply makeup that we already made and things like that. But you’re talking like a million-dollar budget just on the effects.” 

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