How Disney Channel Caused Some Backlash In The Early Days Of Ahsoka


The idea of “Star Wars” fans getting angry that a canon show might have a link to Disney seems laughable now, given that Lucasfilm has since become a part of the Disney conglomerate. Back when the “Clone Wars” series premiered, though, Eckstein had only recently acted in the popular tween series “That’s So Raven” and appeared in episodes of kid-friendly shows like “Phil of the Future” and Nickelodeon’s “Drake and Josh.” It was these roles that Eckstein said made some fans and journalists skeptical of her casting. “There was definitely resistance to Ahsoka,” Eckstein recalled. “She had her haters in the beginning.”

While Eckstein says part of the criticism came from fans who said Ahsoka was “too bratty,” she was also the target of some pushback. “I even got a lot of hate in the beginning because I was most known for my work on the Disney Channel,” she recalled when speaking to Vanity Fair. “I was an actress on ‘That’s So Raven,’ and I got a lot of hate that this Disney Channel actress is going to come ruin ‘Star Wars.'” For those who might not remember, Eckstein played Muffy, one of the followers of mean queen bee Alana (Adrienne Houghton), who acted as an echo for her insults. She also had a memorable one-off role in “Drake and Josh” as Susan, a wild girl Drake (Drake Bell) dated who tried to two-time him by seducing Josh (Josh Peck) in an early episode of the series.

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