Who Is Playing Indiana Jones In The Great Circle Video Game? A Modern Gaming Legend


The idea of having to watch another actor take over as Indiana Jones in the flesh would be a tough ask for people who are so accustomed to Ford in the role. Yes, we had that flashback sequence with River Phoenix in “The Last Crusade” and Sean Patrick Flanery in “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles,” but neither of those performances came anywhere close to replacing Ford in the minds of audiences. Fortunately, a video game only requires an actor to provide the voice — and, for Baker, that’s a tool he’s refined over decades in the industry. Much as Ford is an on-screen legend, Baker is one in the voiceover world.

Baker’s body of work dates back to the early ’90s with roles dubbing anime such as “Lupin III” and “Dragon Ball Z.” His work in anime carried him for the better part of a decade, with beloved shows like “Fullmetal Alchemist” under his belt as well. But it’s in the world of gaming where Baker has garnered much acclaim, with huge franchises like “Resident Evil,” “Fable,” and “Call of Duty” to his name. His body of work is truly dizzying.

One of the key things when considering Baker as our new Indiana Jones is that he’s put his stamp on many beloved, pre-existing characters in the past with a great deal of success. He’s played Conan the Barbarian (“Age of Conan: The Hyborian Adventures”), Hawkeye (“Avengers Assemble”), and Shinnok (“Mortal Kombat X”), just to name a few. He’s also played both Batman and The Joker on multiple occasions. That’s not something many actors can claim. It is downright difficult to think of someone more qualified for the job.

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