The Best Zack Snyder Trailers Ranked


In my humble opinion, the best “Superman” movie isn’t even a movie — its the third trailer for “Man of Steel.” This trailer is so well put together, so goosebump-inducing, that I was convinced Snyder had somehow made a masterpiece when I first saw it online. Then I saw the movie, which was, to be blunt, a complete dud. No matter — we’ll always have this jaw-dropping trailer, which is just as effective now as it was when it dropped years ago. The emotional beats hit (Kevin Costner’s voice breaking as he says “You are my son” still gets me choked up, what can I say?), the action looks stunning, and the music (courtesy of Hans Zimmer) sounds incredible when matched with the imagery. This isn’t just a good Superman trailer, it’s one of the best trailers of all time. Does that sound like hyperbole? Screw it, I think it’s true.  

The trailer paints a portrait of a Superman story about Superman finding his place in the world, all while intrepid reporter Lois Lane (Amy Adams) tracks his movements and provides some voice-over narration. It makes the film feel truly epic in scope and scale, going down emotional paths we might not expect. Everything here clicks: the sense of Superman’s loneliness in our world, the father-and-son dynamics with both Pa Kent and Superman’s birth father Jor-El (Russell Crowe), Michael Shannon’s unhinged General Zod (who seems kind of boring in the finished film), the shots of Superman taking flight. It’s a mini-masterpiece and hints at a fantastic movie that we never actually got to see. 

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