The Best TV Shows And Movies Leaving Netflix In April 2024


Ron Howard’s 1995 space drama “Apollo 13” is a terrific example of a mid-budget movie made for adults that used to be the bread and butter of Hollywood. If you’ve never seen it, or it’s been a while since you’ve checked it out, I highly recommend remedying that and catching up with this before it leaves Netflix. Tom Hanks leads a fantastic supporting cast of guys like Gary Sinise, Ed Harris, Kevin Bacon, and the late, great Bill Paxton, and while some of Howard’s movies can tip over into being too schmaltzy, this one has just the right amount of schmaltz.

And not to intentionally spoil the real-life events depicted in this movie, but if you’re a fan of movie scenes in which people in a control room or briefing room dramatically erupt into celebration after a tense situation, you will be extremely pleased.

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