Terrifier 2 Director Knows How To Revive The Friday The 13th Series [Exclusive]


Leone admitted that he didn’t already have a pitch or a treatment for a “Friday the 13th” movie at the ready, but he has certainly given the matter some thought. He felt that the spirit of the original few Jason movies needed to be recaptured, and that making them period pieces would help in that regard. He said: 

“[…] I’ve been on record for quite some time now saying if I could ever remake one slasher film, it would be ‘Friday the 13th.’ Jason was always my favorite slasher since I was a little kid, and I think that there’s a way to … I mean, my approach would be to keep it in the ’80s, honestly. I would have it take place in the early ’80s. I would try and make him as scary as possible because I feel like that’s something they kind of lost as the movies went along. You just start getting too comfortable with these villains and you need to be scared of them again.”

Leone has a point. After several sequels, horror fans begin attending slasher films to feel the thrill of witnessing killers doing what they do best, not to sympathize with the victims nor actually experience fright. Leone wants that feeling back. He also feels that the violence shouldn’t be slick and fun, but “brutal” again, an appropriate sentiment from the maker of “Terrifier 2.” 

And, believe it or not, it sounds like meetings have happened. Leone said:

“[B]elieve it or not, I’ve gotten to talk to some people who are execs who are in charge of that franchise. I think I’m still a little too obscure on that Hollywood list of people that they would approach to direct that film.”

Although “Terrifier 3” is coming.

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