Star Trek Actor Gary Graham, Best Known As Enterprise’s Ambassador Soval, Has Died At 73


The close-knit “Star Trek” family has lost one of their own today. Actor Gary Graham, most well-known for playing the role of the Vulcan Ambassador Soval in “Star Trek: Enterprise,” sadly passed away early in the morning January 23, 2024. His death was first announced in a Facebook post by his ex-wife and actor Susan Lavelle (via No cause of death has yet been revealed, except that it was described as “sudden.” Graham was 73 years old.

In addition to starring in “Enterprise” and even a brief appearance in “Star Trek: Voyager,” the actor was more than willing to lend his talents to various roles in “Star Trek” fan films throughout the years, bringing Soval back to life in several unofficial movies that may not be formally sanctioned in the official canon of the franchise, but nonetheless speaks to his passion for the character and his appreciation for the Trekkie community. More to come.

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