Spy X Family Is Anime’s Answer To The Family Sitcom, But With More Espionage And Assassins


Like any good sitcom, “Spy x Family” is as much about the characters as it is about the shenanigans they get into. Sure, it’s fun to see Loid beat up some people or infiltrate a secret facility. What’s funnier and more wholesome is seeing this cold spy go fight a bunch of fellow spies in an elaborate reenactment of Anya’s favorite cartoon to celebrate her getting accepted into school. 

Loid’s story is slowly realizing that parenting is quite hard and that he kind of does care about his fake family. Meanwhile, Yor may be a great killer, but she is also extremely gullible and naive, and seeing her slowly (very slowly) overcome that as she realizes she actually wants to be a mother to Anya is cute as hell. Still, their jobs never end, and it is rather relatable how “Spy x Family” portrays the endless annoyance over your work bleeding into your personal life.

Though this is very much a comedy, it does imply rather dark and nuanced subjects. Take Loid and Yor’s obliviousness. Despite both being extremely good at their jobs, both of them are completely ignorant of the other’s secret — because they have no sense of what normal people are like. For Yor, this is due to her being forced to work as an assassin from an early age to support her brother. Meanwhile, Loid is an orphan who grew up in the middle of a war, and his becoming a spy was to create a world where children don’t have to cry. The show doesn’t really spend too much time on emotional stuff or on darker subjects — there are zero message-of-the-week or “very special episodes” here — but it is moments like these that make the story and characters more lived-in. 

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