Sky High Director Wants To Make A Sequel – And He Wants Marvel’s Help [Exclusive]


In an interview with Inverse in 2020, co-screenwriter Mark McCorkle credits a big part of the lasting success of the movie to its costumes. “At the time, lots of superhero movies that were huge box office hits decided to go with black costumes,” he said. “‘Sky High’ proved that you can be bright and colorful and still resonate with real human emotions and a real story.” At the time of that interview, Disney+ was just being launched, and McCorkle saw an opportunity for “Sky High” to get a second chance, much like “X-Men: The Animated Series” got a second chance and a new season decades after it ended.

In our interview with Mitchell, the director shared that belief and was enthusiastic about the prospect of a sequel. In fact, he wants to involve the biggest superhero movie studio in Hollywood to help make it happen. “I’d like to pull Marvel into it,” he told us. “I’d like Marvel’s help. Maybe Kevin Feige, he’s always been a fan of ‘Sky High.'”

“We’re the first movie to make fun and have a joke and make fun of superheroes, but at the same time, I think fans of ‘Sky High’ realize we love comic books. So they could tell that we’re having fun with the genre rather than making fun of it. But yeah, help me out! Next time you have an interview with anyone at either Marvel or Disney, say, ‘Hey, Mike Mitchell’s ready.’ We’ve got a scriptment ready to go. I’ve got some designs. We’ve designed a few new costumes for them. I’m ready to make another ‘Sky High’ film.”

Given that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is all about the multiverse now, who is to say we can’t have Kurt Russell’s The Commander show up in a future adventure?

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