Martin Scorsese And Steven Spielberg Are Teaming Up For A Cape Fear Series


It is interesting that both Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese are involved in the new “Cape Fear” adaptation considering how the 1991 feature connects them both. Originally, Spielberg was going to direct that movie while Scorsese worked on developing a movie about Oskar Schindler. The pair ended up swapping projects, and audiences everywhere were gifted with two fantastic films.

Now, aside from the pedigree of the filmmakers involved, arguably the most fascinating and promising thing about this new adaptation is the true crime element. Modern audiences have developed a fascination with the genre, and it does open up many exciting possibilities. For example, one avenue the show could take is that the married attorneys put the killer away with evidence from a true crime podcast. Or better yet, what if the killer is released from prison after being exonerated thanks to a true crime podcast? What if that convicted killer gets overwhelming public support? And what if that guy decides to take vengeance on the attorneys, but the world at large is convinced he is innocent, so they refuse to listen to the calls for help from the attorneys? 

It could be a fascinating and rather scary story. More importantly, it can provide some smart commentary on how modern audiences instantly form opinions based on what someone else tells them, rather than doing their own research. Whichever the case, this new “Cape Fear” is turning into a project worth looking out for.

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