Loungefly Launches New COLLECTIV Accessories Line With Star Wars And Loki Gear


Since Loungefly’s COLLECTIV line is intended to be a more high-end assembly of accessories, they come with a bit of a higher price tag than the usual Loungefly accessories. For example, this little “Loki” wallet featuring the golden, horned helmet of the God of Mischief and an interior featuring artwork inspired by Marvel Comics is going to cost you $50.

Personally, I wish Loungefly’s COLLECTIV logo wasn’t quite so prominent, in order to make the collection a little more subtle. But at the same time, high fashion accessories are always touting a prominent logo so everybody can see where their cool accessories came from, so it makes sense. 

Next up, we’ve got a convertible cross-body bag that turns Loki’s helmet into a pattern that feels reminiscent of various fashion logos from over the years. This particular cross-body bag can be situated horizontally or vertically, depending on how mischievous you’re feeling that day. 

The back of the bag also includes a stitched logo of Loki’s helmet, adding a little more iconography to the accessory. Though you can’t see it in the pictures above, the interior also includes artwork that is similar to the wallet. This one is going to cost you $65. 

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