Liam Neeson’s Naked Gun Reboot Not Dead Yet, Lands 2025 Release Date


The filmmakers behind “The Naked Gun” reboot have made the surprising casting choice to have Liam Neeson take the lead role. Since Neeson is not known for his comedic roles, having been caught up in a string of action thrillers in the years since “Taken” gave him a career overhaul late in life. But Neeson has previously dabbled in comedic roles in films like “Love Actually,” not to mention taking a villainous supporting role in Seth MacFarlane’s underrated “A Million Ways to Die in the West,” as well as a silly cameo in “Ted 2.” In fact, it’s Neeson’s roles in those comedies that show he might be the right man for “The Naked Gun.”

What made Leslie Nielsen such a joy to watch in the various spoofs he starred in over the years — from “Airplane!” to “The Naked Gun” to “Dracula: Dead and Loving It” — was his dedication to paying even the silliest of situations with a straight face. He was rarely leaning into the gag obviously, and he almost never winked at the audience. If you watch Neeson’s cameo in “Ted 2” above, it’s easy to imagine Neeson inhabiting that same comedic space. Or maybe he was picked because Liam Neeson kinda sounds like Leslie Nielsen. 

Rumors have indicated that Neeson’s character in “The Naked Gun” reboot may have familial ties to Leslie Nielsen’s character Frank Drebin, possibly being his son. Of course, it would be rather strange if Frank Drebin had a son that we never met during his time in “The Naked Gun” movies, but since this is a parody franchise we’re talking about, that kind of logistical detail can easily be played with in the movie. Considering how Akiva Shaffer only recently handled the spectacular “Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers” movie, not to mention his history with The Lonely Island at “Saturday Night Live,” we can easily see him bringing that same energy to “The Naked Gun.” Stay tuned.

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