Halo Star Pablo Schreiber Hated Season 1’s Controversial Sex Scene


Look, if Spartan-117 was ever going to hook up with someone, real ones know that it would’ve either been the Arbiter or (somehow) the artificial intelligence Cortana. That’s about it when it comes to strong emotional attachments forged by a soldier raised from childhood as a killing machine. But “Halo” season 1 had other ideas, inventing the character of Makee and teasing her mysterious connections to the Master Chief. Those connections became somewhat more physical during one unexpected scene in episode 8 … and fans more or less revolted en masse. We can count star Pablo Schreiber among them, apparently, as he explained in the latest issue of SFX Magazine:

“The decision to make the connection between Makee and John a romantic connection was a huge mistake. I felt it was a huge mistake at the time and I argued against it and fought against it. But I am who I am. I don’t write the scripts. I only give my opinion. It wasn’t listened to.”

Of course, that was hardly the only moment of nudity in “Halo” that quickly got the internet’s attention. An earlier episode took a big swing (pardon the pun) and bared John’s bottom for the world to see. The moment was memorialized via the “Master Cheeks” meme, and executive producer Kiki Wolfkill is still answering for it:

“There are things like ‘Master Cheeks’ where I will say, admittedly, it was a blind spot for me how strong the reaction would be. At the end of the day, taking a risk like that again is more about, do we need it to support the story? At the end of the day, does ‘Master Cheeks’ need to happen again to support the story? Probably not. That’s not the kind of risk that’s worth taking.”

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