Echoes Of The Past Kick Off Marvel’s Future


One of the biggest changes to Echo from her comic book version lies in her powers. In the comics, she has similar powers to the character Taskmaster, with a perfect photographic memory that allows her to copy anyone doing anything. In “Echo,” she’s given the ability to channel the powers of her ancestors, as she is an echo of them throughout time. The change is a brilliant one that puts Echo more firmly into her Indigenous roots, courtesy of a cast and crew of Indigenous writers, actors, and more that helped make “Echo” feel appropriately authentic to their experiences. In the big climax, she tells Fisk that she’s not his echo, but theirs, and she’s reclaiming her identity from him in a really powerful way. She has been his weapon for far too long. In fact, instead of killing him, she tries to heal him using her newfound powers, because she and Kingpin only ever had a shared language of violence. By trying to heal him, she offers him a new language, but he refuses. 

Maya, for her part, has healed. There are still old wounds within her, left by the deaths of her parents and the horrors she inflicted upon others in Kingpin’s name, but she has her remaining family to help her with those. She seems to have patched things up with her grandmother and Bonnie (though it all happens a little too quickly and magically), and looks forward to a happy future. Except … 

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