Captain Enoch & Thrawn’s Night Troopers Are Now Creepy Star Wars Figures [Exclusive]


Here’s the official description for the new action figure pack featuring Captain Enoch and Thrawn’s Night Troopers, directly from Hasbro:

Set after the fall of the Empire, Ahsoka follows former Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano as she investigates an emerging threat to a vulnerable galaxy. Fans can celebrate the legacy of STAR WARS, the action-and-adventure-packed space saga from a galaxy far, far away with this premium 3.75-inch scale STAR WARS: THE VINTAGE COLLECTION CAPTAIN ENOCH & THRAWN’S NIGHT TROOPERS figure pack inspired by the characters’ appearances in STAR WARS: AHSOKA. These figures feature premium detail, entertainment-inspired collector grade deco (including unique helmet and suit deco on all 4 figures) and design across product and packaging inspired by the original Kenner line. Includes 4 figures and 4 entertainment-inspired accessories including blasters.

As you can see, each of the Night Troopers has a unique paint job, with certain pieces of armor turned gray and cracks of gold paint at various points. What’s particularly cool about the Night Trooper figure design is that the red wrappings have actually been molded as part of each figure rather than simply being painted on the armor, adding a nice bit of texture to their appearance. Each of them also comes with a standard-issue stormtrooper blaster as an accessory.

Meanwhile, Captain Enoch comes equipped with his own unique blaster, as well as that lower-half tunic around his waist, which also has a blaster holster. Unlike the Night Troopers, he doesn’t have any red wrapping, but he does have significantly more gold accents, with sections of his armor having been completely covered in golden paint. As we saw in “Ahsoka,” it’s Enoch’s face that’s the most unsettling, giving us a statuesque expression on the helmet of a stormtrooper. 

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