C-3PO’s Oil Bath In Star Wars Was A ‘Disgusting Experience’ Behind The Scenes


Daniels explained that it was very unpleasant filming that scene. In addition to the uncomfortable costume irritating him so much that it gave him scars, the oil getting inside that costume was icky. He said: 

“I stood on a special effects platform and, as the oil bath scene began, the platform was lowered by three men into a big tank containing a mixture of oil and colored water. I’d had the foresight to have them heat the mixture first for this was still winter in England — but it was a fairly disgusting experience, feeling this warm oil seeping up between the costume and me. By the end of the day, we’d done it so many times the sticky tape came off and my leg began to float away.” 

That sounds absolutely vile. I mean, I’m glad to hear it wasn’t freezing oil, but doesn’t it being warm make it all a little gross? I’m not even sure why, but it does. Having this be the one time Threepio isn’t complaining just must have made the whole thing feel worse. Of course, Daniels did find a bright side to the entire experience. He revealed:

“I also had a little ear microphone to hear Mark speaking, and what is so wonderful about those instruments is that you can hear anyone near the microphone, so you listen in on some very outrageous gossip.”

Ooh, Mr. Daniels, you must spill this tea, sir! In the meantime, all the “Star Wars” films and series are currently streaming on Disney+.

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