Bad Bunny Brings Bilingual Laughs (With Mick Jagger And Pedro Pascal) To Saturday Night Live


In a completely unexpected turn of events, Mick Jagger popped up on “SNL.” First, Jagger made a surprise and nonsensical appearance in this “Telenovela” sketch. This sketch was actually pretty decent, and again, made great use of Bad Bunny’s primary language. The sketch finds Bad Bunny and Marcello Hernandez playing two actors in a Spanish soap opera who are just about to get into a fight scene, but then they’re interrupted by the maid, played by Punkie Johnson as a Black actor who has no idea how to speak Spanish properly. This was a fairly funny sketch all around, especially when Punkie’s character mistakes the use of the word “negro,” which is Spanish for the color black, for being used in a racial way. 

Then, for some reason, Mick Jagger shows up as their father in the scene, and even though it’s amusing to see him in a terrible stereotypical mustache and speaking Spanish, it didn’t feel like it served much purpose beyond, “Hey, look, it’s Mick Jagger!” Other than that, the sketch kinda imploded on itself anyway, since the writers didn’t seem to know how to end it properly. But that’s a staple of “SNL” sketches. 

What’s crazy is that wasn’t the only surprise use of Mick Jagger that we got in this episode. Using Jagger in a similar twist ending, he shows up as a man who has been pretending to be a nun so he can sleep with all the other nuns. This twist was actually a little more amusing, and it made sense within the context of the sketch, because the entire time, the audience is made to think Bad Bunny is the deceptive nun in question, behaving exactly like a man poorly disguised as a nun would. This was actually one of the sketches where Bad Bunny’s stilted English worked in his favor, because it played up the idea that he was a terrible liar in this situation. 

Why was Mick Jagger in this episode of “SNL” twice? I couldn’t tell you, but I guess we’re (kinda) glad he was there.

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