Attack Of The Fifty Foot Woman Remake Coming From Tim Burton And … Gone Girl Author Gillian Flynn?


This is a big week for Flynn, whose second book “Dark Places” is now getting the HBO limited series treatment following an already forgotten 2015 film adaptation starring Charlize Theron. Flynn is set to co-create and co-showrun that series with “Mad Men” writer Brett Johnson, and will also write for the show. The author’s other two books, “Gone Girl” and “Sharp Objects,” were both adapted to critical acclaim, and Flynn has since branched out into TV writing. Along with her own adaptations, she co-wrote the 2018 film “Widows” and created the Prime Video series “Utopia,” which ended after just one season in 2020.

The original “Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman” starred Allison Hayes (“General Hospital”), William Hudson (“I Led Three Lives”), and Yvette Vickers (“Hud”), with a script penned by B-movie legend Mark Hanna. Though several attempts at sequels and reboots have been mounted, only one direct remake has come to fruition: Christopher Guest’s 1993 HBO film, which starred Daryl Hannah and Daniel Baldwin. So far, no stars have been announced for the new edition of the film, and it’s still unclear exactly where and when “Fifty Foot Woman” will land.

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