Argylle’s Final Scene Teases A Sequel, But What Could Happen Next?


At the end of “Argylle,” Elly Conway has come to terms with her real life. Let’s not forget that this includes learning that Rachel was also a double agent working for The Division, followed by betraying The Division and re-teaming with Aidan (her partner and lover) to take them down. But then, Rachel was forced to fight Aidan when The Division’s chief scientist (Catherine O’Hara, who also posed as Elly’s mother, with Bryan Cranston pretending to be Elly’s father as part of a plan to brainwash Rachel Kylle into believing she was Elly Conway to begin with) used a series of trigger words (a la The Winter Soldier) and a certain music box to activate Rachel as a weapon to do as The Division commands. Thankfully, Rachel’s ally Keira (Ariana DeBose), who was believed to be dead, survived a seemingly fatal gunshot wound (orchestrated by Rachel) and suddenly returned to break Rachel out of her psychological trance, and The Division was defeated. 

Yeah, there’s a lot going on in this movie, which is part of the fun. If you’re still confused, you can check out a more thorough breakdown of the ending right here. But the big takeaway here again is that Elly Conway is the real agent Argylle, okay?

After all of that, Elly has settled back into a less dangerous life that doesn’t involve being Rachel. She’s released a new “Argylle” book as the final chapter of the character’s story, and everyone seems to get a happy ending. But during a Q&A event for the final book’s release, someone stands up. It’s Henry Cavill, but he’s not dressed as the dashing, debonair Argylle that Elly envisioned. Instead, he’s wearing a yellow t-shirt, sporting a curly blond mullet, and speaking with a southern twang. He tells Elly, “I don’t really have a question, but I’m sure you probably have some for me,” as a wry smile appears on his face.

Elly immediately recognizes this man as looking like some kind of bizarro version of what she imagined her character Argylle to be like in her books. But since that character was only a manifestation used to cope with her own memories, how could this man so clearly look like Argylle and exist in the real world? What the hell is going on?

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