Argylle Director Matthew Vaughn Explains That Confusing Credits Scene


If you caught the mid-credits scene and weren’t sure what you were supposed to take away from it, don’t feel dumb. There are people whose job it is to cover entertainment for a living, and even they were perplexed as to the significance of the “Argylle” credits scene. Thankfully, we got a chance to chat with Matthew Vaughn about that credits scene and confirmed just what it might mean for the future of “Argylle.” But we’re not sure it will make certain details any less perplexing. First, let’s recall the “Argylle” credits scene, but beware of major spoilers for “Argylle” from here on out!

The mid-credits scene flashes back 20 years and shows us the exterior of The King’s Man tavern, so right away, we’re thinking that “Argylle” will somehow tie in to the “Kingsman” universe. But rather than showing us any of the characters we’ve been introduced to in “Argylle,” a scrappy teen walks into the bar with purpose. After asking the bartender for a drink “with a twist,” he then strips away all the order’s ingredients, indicating that all he wants is “the twist.” The bartender, understanding the cryptic conversation unfolding, returns with a wooden box containing a gun and silencer, and he inquires who the young man is. He slow rolls his name a bit for dramatic effect by saying, “My name is Aubrey. Aubrey Argylle.”

Suddenly, we cut to a poster that appears to be in Elly Conway’s office that has a framed poster featuring the cover art for the “Argylle” book that’s now on shelves. Finally, text shows up below the poster saying, “Book One, The Movie, Coming Soon.” Do you get it?

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