All The Mutants Morph Changes Into Throughout X-Men ’97


In the first episode, Morph gets quite an entrance. As the X-Men are congregating in the kitchen, Professor X enters to offer a playful bit of advice to Cyclops while taking a bite of a beignet. But this is after we know Professor X is gone, and Cyclops isn’t fooled, quickly saying, “Quit being a creep, Morph.” Interestingly enough, the voice we hear as Professor X isn’t J.P. Karliak. In fact, it’s not even Cedric Smith, the original voice of Professor X from “X-Men: The Animated Series.” Instead, it’s Marvel’s go-to voice impersonator Ross Marquand, who lent his voice to Red Skull in “Avengers: Endgame” and Ultron in Marvel’s “What If…?” animated series.

In a similarly playful transformation, Morph turns into the pregnant Jean Grey to taunt Wolverine about his ongoing love triangle with the telekinetic mutant and Cyclops. However, this moment is key to Wolverine’s perspective in this episode, because it reveals that he’s already assumed that Jean and Cyclops are considering leaving the X-Men. Even though Morph is messing around, it actually serves the narrative in this instance.

Morph’s mutant abilities finally get to see some action in the climax of the first episode. When the mutants track down Bolivar Trask and his remaining contingent of Sentinels and a new Master Mold, their X-Jet gets blasted out of the sky. Morph suddenly turns into Angel, aka Warren Worthington III, in order to fly through the sky and snag Wolverine in the air to give him a safe landing — though he gives an annoyed grunt about the need to be rescued. Angel was one of the original members of the X-Men, but he left the team for unknown reasons. Angel once sought to be a non-mutant, but what seemed like a promising cure was a ruse that allowed Mystique to turn him into one of Apocalypse’s Four Horsemen. The last time we saw Angel was in “End and Beginning” the fourth season finale which ended the four-part “Beyond Good and Evil” storyline. 

Finally, when Wolverine needs a quick boost to reach the head of the Master Mold, after having Gambit charge his claws with energy, Morph changes into Blob. The massive body of the bulging mutant lets Wolverine jump off his belly for the crushing blow. The last time we saw Blob was in the season 2 episode “A Rogue’s Tale.”

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