Ahsoka Delivers A Star Wars Expanded Universe (Literally) With A New Galaxy


We knew from the finale of “Star Wars Rebels” that Ezra Bridger, in his heroic sacrifice to liberate Lothal from the Empire, used space whales known as Purrgil to teleport himself and Thrawn away from Lothal and into… well, we don’t know. The logical choice was somewhere in the Unknown Regions, a mostly unexplored area of the “Star Wars” galaxy that nevertheless has been used for important places for the franchise. For example, it is here that Thrawn’s species originates, it is here that Luke hid after Kylo Ren destroyed his temple, it is here that somehow, Palpatine returned, and it is also here that the enigmatic Rakatan Empire originated. 

In other words, the Unknown Regions are a prime place for mystery and weird stuff. But still, this is close enough that it feels weird Ezra and Thrawn wouldn’t have managed to get out of it and travel closer to their allies in the last decade or so. This is why the map that Ahsoka finds revealing a pathway to another galaxy entirely is such an exciting prospect. This development is a bit out of left field, but it offers endless possibilities that we’ve never seen before in the franchise, particularly when it comes to galactic threats.

It is quite unlikely Ezra and Thrawn have just been living a “Cast Away” life stranded alone in another galaxy. Instead, it is much more likely the two have spent the past decade in either a “Lost” situation, surviving endless horrors while exploring some ancient and decayed civilization, or an isekai scenario, where the two encountered some vastly different civilization and became part of them. In any case, it is likely to end with not only Thrawn and Ezra returning, but something else from that galaxy making its way to the prime “Star Wars” galaxy, truly making it a war of the galaxies.

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