Across The Spider-Verse’s Spider-Punk Hot Toys Figure Totally Rocks


With an animation aesthetic that uses the punk rock font and flyer style of ’70s and ’80s London mixed with a little bit of modern New York, Hobie Brown is truly a rock star superhero. Aside from being equipped with Spider-Man abilities, he also has an electric guitar and an admirably nonchalant attitude about pretty much everything. 

Spider-Punk’s spindly body and all the incredible details of his punk rock attire are replicated in this new sixth-scale Hot Toys figure available for pre-order now. A mix of sculpted and fabric elements come together for the wardrobe, including a studded vest, patterned pants, tailored shirt, sculpted belt with suspenders, choker, arm bands, and boots. Plus, Hobie comes with an intricate guitar with punk pattern, a guitar effect, a dimensional travel device, assorted web accessories, themed backdrop in pop art style, and a dynamic display base.

But perhaps the best thing about the Spider-Punk figure is the inclusion of both the masked Spider-Man head and Hobie’s unmasked head sculpt. The Spider-Man head features silver spikes, a signature trait of this particular webhead. However, that unmasked sculpt takes the cake. Not only is it adorned with all the appropriate piercings, but Hobie’s magnificent hair blossoms out of his head. Each of his eyes also have a separate rolling eyeball system.

Pre-orders aren’t live yet, so stay tuned to Hot Toys. The figure is expected to ship sometime toward the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025. If you’d like an entire rundown of what’s included with the Spider-Punk Hot Toys figure, take a look below.

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