The Dune Prequel Heads to Max


“Power comes with a price.” If anything sums up the main message of author Frank Herbert’s millennia-spanning saga, it would be that line of dialogue uttered by the narrator early in the teaser. True “Dune”-heads know that the Bene Gesserit came to power through their unique ability as “truthsayers,” essentially acting as a sentient lie detector test for the Great Houses and establishing themselves as an indispensable resource that ought to wield considerable influence on galactic matters. From there, their ambitions grew much higher … to the point of putting a member of their own order on the throne. And not just anyone, but a Harkonnen, at that.

If you thought Paul Atreides was a little too keen on playing god in “Dune,” well, that’s nothing compared to what the Bene Gesserit have up their sleeves in “Dune: Prophecy.” Adapted from the 2012 novel “Sisterhood of Dune” (written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson), the series comes from showrunner/executive producer Alison Schapker and co-developer/executive producer Diane Ademu-John (who joined after a creative shake-up that saw original showrunner and “Dune” screenwriter Jon Spaihts leave the project). The season will consist of only six episodes, multiple of which will be directed by Anna Foerster. The series stars Emily Watson, Olivia Williams, Travis Fimmel, Jodhi May, Mark Strong, Sarah-Sofie Boussnina, Josh Heuston, Chloe Lea, Jade Anouka, Faoileann Cunningham, Yerin Ha, and more.

“Dune: Prophecy” arrives on Max this fall on a date to be announced.

From the expansive universe of “Dune,” created by acclaimed author Frank Herbert, and 10,000 years before the ascension of Paul Atreides, DUNE: PROPHECY follows two Harkonnen sisters as they combat forces that threaten the future of humankind and establish the fabled sect that will become known as the Bene Gesserit

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