The Animated Series LEGO Set Is Amazing Easter Egg-Filled Building Brick Art


The first thing to know is that this is not an exact recreation of the Gotham City from the cartoon, but rather an amalgamation of different recognizable locales from “Batman: The Animated Series” that makes for a stunning display. Most impressively, the set recreates the art deco style of the show by using red LEGO sheets as the base of the build, and covering the sky with dark red clouds, contrasted with the striking yellows of police searchlights and the Bat Signal.

This is an impressive construction, filled with skyscrapers on top of skyscrapers, bars, nightclubs, office buildings and much, much more. By stacking these buildings, the set captures the sprawling feel of Gotham City, its dangers, and its beauty. It is worth nothing that the set is actually much deeper than it looks in pictures, with several layers of depth that invite the builder to examine every single brick for hidden references.

Indeed, nearly every major locale can be removed to reveal some kind of Easter egg or even another location hidden underneath. Take the Batcave, for example.

On the forefront, we see the Stacked Deck bar and pool hall (from the incredible episode “Almost Got ‘Im”) next to the Wild Deuce club seen in Two-Face’s origin episode, while the old Wayne Manor (with its bat-ear shape!) stands atop a hill.

Except, much like the real Batcave is hidden from prying eyes, so is the LEGO Batcave hidden in plain sight. Just behind the club and the bar, as if you’re moving one of Bruce’s books from its shelf to reveal a secret passageway, so can you take out the Stacked Deck to show the Batcave.

That’s right. The Batcave is shaped like a bat, and it has little imprints of Robin and Batgirl next to the Batcomputer, while the giant penny Two-Face once used to try and kill Batman with hangs from the ceiling.

And what Batcave would be complete without a teeny tiny LEGO Batmobile? Additionally, the set includes a micro-Batwing, too.

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