M3GAN Movie Spinoff SOULM8TE Is About An A.I. Lovebot


“SOULM8TE” is being directed by Kate Dolan (“You Are Not My Mother”), who rewrote an original draft from Rafael Jordan (“Salvage Marines”), with the story from Jordan, James Wan, and Ingrid Bisu. Wan and Bisu were also responsible for the story of one of the all-time great ridiculous horror thrillers, “Malignant,” so there’s no doubt in my mind that this film is going to let its freak flag fly. But Kate Dolan is a real X-factor here, because “You Are Not My Mother” was a wildly exciting debut feature (read our review here). “‘SOULM8TE’ is a thrilling and seductive addition to the ‘M3GAN’ universe,” said Wan in a statement. “We’re excited to partner with Kate to bring this story to life with her unique cinematic vision and point of view.”

As for Dolan, “Fundamentally, I view this film as an exploration of relationships and loneliness. Despite technological advances, there are enduring human truths we cannot escape, and I am looking forward to delving into those depths.” There’s no denying that “M3GAN” was a smashing success, but the decision to expand this universe with different technological characters in addition to the upcoming “M3GAN 2.0” sequel film is the smartest call Blumhouse and Atomic Monster could have made. I know we’re over a year away from it hitting theaters, but consider me already seated.

“SOULM8TE” is currently dated for January 2, 2026.

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