LEGO Lord of the Rings Barad-Dûr Playset Review


Inside the foundation are several areas where orcs are preparing for war. It’s basically an armory where swords can be smelted and sharpened and shields and helmets are stored.

Plus, there’s lava flowing through both sides of the foundation, and in one area it’s being used as a way of imprisoning and slowly killing prisoners, as indicated by the skeleton hanging in a cage over a pool of lava. On the other side, you can have orcs standing by to make swords out of a small well of lava pouring out of the rocks. 

Within this foundation is also the first of a few Easter eggs hidden throughout the Barad-Dûr set. There’s a small opening in the side of the rock formation where a small fish is hidden, a treat that Gollum would undoubtedly enjoy. (So juicy sweet!) Just above that, there’s also a little cluster of LEGO pieces that can be pulled out of the rocks, and inside of it is a little LEGO spider, representing the monstrous Shelob, who attacks Frodo and wraps him in web before being stuck by Sam.

On the second floor of the tower’s large base, there’s a mess hall for the orcs to drink and dine in. In the center of the room, there’s a table with swiveling stools sitting around it. And on the table there are LEGO drumsticks, bones, and even a nice sausage to go with several goblets. In addition, in this side of the wall, there’s another hidden Easter egg in the rocks. When you pull on another protruding piece of the stone, there’s a hidden page that shows some of the other Rings of Power from Middle-earth.

Behind the table, there’s a food prep area with some veggies and herbs, a butcher’s cleaver, and a much larger bone. To the left of the table, you’ll notice a barrel where some kind of green beverage can be procured, with some of it having leaked onto the floor. On the right side, there’s a large cauldron situated over lava, and inside of it are LEGO carrots, celery, bones, and, if you get an extra sausage like I did, you can toss that in there too. Orcs aren’t picky; they just want some meats.

Speaking of which, there’s a great wink on the back of the wall, where you’ll see the word “MENU” scribbled in chalk above a chuck of meat on a bone. What does that mean? Well, it looks like meat’s back on the menu, boys!

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